Please call the following individuals at the INTEGRA Main office if you have any billing or account Questions.

Jessica lomas  973-810-8233 or

All payments should be paid to the order of “the name of your Association” and mailed to:
“the name of your Association”
P.O. Box 105772
Atlanta, GA 30348-5772

Make sure to put your account number on the memo line of the check

Alternatively, you may make online payments through your bank’s Online Bill Pay service or by visiting Integra’s website: Under the Resident Services Menu, the first option is Union Bank Online Payments. This will direct you to an informational page, outlining each way you may make a payment. Click on the following Link to sign up for a Union Bank payment account:
Upon registering for a Union Bank payment account, you will be need the following information:
Your association is:
Your account number:
Your next payment is due:
Your Common Charge Payment is: